Découvre la compile 2 CD de “Cypress Hill – The Essential Cypress Hill” regroupant l’essentiel de leurs titres et laisse un commentaire..

The Essential Cypress Hill Tracklist :

CD 1 :

01. How I Could Just Kill a Man
02. Insane in the Brain
03. Roll It Up, Light It Up
04. Throw Your Set in the Air
05. Rap) Superstar
06. Latin Lingo
07. When the Sh– Goes Down
08. Boom Biddy Bye Bye (feat. Fugees) [Fugees Remix]
09. Dr. Greenthumb
10. Kronologik (feat. Kurupt)
11. Illusions
12. Hand on the Pump
13. Highlife
14. Stoned Is the Way of the Walk CD 2 :
01.Hits from the Bong
02. Tequila Sunrise (feat. Barron Ricks)
03. The Phuncky Feel One
04. Lowrider
05. I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That
06. Real Estate (Video Version)
07. Scooby Doo
08. Audio X (feat. Barron Ricks)
09. Latin Thugs (feat. Tego Calderón)
10. A to the K
11. Killa Hill N****s
12. Lick a Shot
13. Stank Ass Hoe
14. Smuggler’s Blues (Japanese Bonus Track)
15. Shoot Em Up
16. What’s Your Number? (feat. Tim Armstrong)
17. Stoned Is the Way of the Walk (Reprise)




Je sais plus qui me l’avait demandé, voilà t’as tout en rip CD..

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